Life in US

BORING... no other word can describe better. Everyday eat, sleep, work... eat, sleep, work... This is my life in US.
Saw lots of blogs talk about the Queensbays Mall (QBM). A lots of comments read, somes good and somes bad. Some even posted photos of the mall. Make me can't wait to see myself how nice is this shopping mall. I guess the only best thing of this mall is... we can have another new "makan" place to go during Friday lunch hour. No need to think about where to go and where to eat. It's near as well. If you want to avoid traffic jam, you can take boat or sampan from Sg Nibong Big Longkang until you reach QBM sea side. You can save a lot on petrol and parking fees as well. Another option is to take bus #11. You should reach there within 30min. It should be enough since Friday, we have longer break due to our friend got to "or-e-or". I took a quick look on the shops listing in QBM, looks like only GAP, Levi's, Guess, OshKosh B'Gosh, Nike and Borders can be found in US. The rest of the brands don't know where they come from? Ha... Don't know shopping at QBM can be cheaper price compare to US? Tell you some secret, the merchandise that sold in US mostly are reject items. I just wonder why so many people so "gila" to buy in US. All "tipu" one lah. Like I bought a Levi's 569 jean over here, it cost USD26.99. I guess it should be cheap if you compare to buy @Malaysia. Tell you what... the jean got reject one due to poor workmanship. That's why got one chinese proverb saying "cheap thing no good thing;good thing no cheap thing"... -_-"

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