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Boon Teong & Swee Heng's Wedding Day

5th Jan 2008 - I'm grateful for having a chance to shoot in their wedding ceremony and dinner. This is another good exposure for me. Although this is not an easy job, but I enjoy it. The shooting was started as early at 7am, where the bride had her makeup at one of the bridal house in town. The most funny part started when the groom comes to "get" his bride at around 9am. It is really funny to see his bestman kena kau kau with bridesmaids. This makes me recall 7 years ago, same situatation to me, kena kau kau as well with "lobak" filled with cili padi. :p Less talk coz I'm not good in English and story writing. :p I would like to thanks to the bride and groom for giving me a great opportunity for me to expose in wedding photography. 愿您们俩恩恩爱爱, 白头偕老. Thanks to my "sifu" Danny, allow me to follow him as the 2nd photographer and for being my mentor and sharing to me his valuable BKM.

Impromptu Wedding Event Photography

30th Dec 2007 - This is my cousin, Kok Boo and Eunice "big day". Congratulation to them. 祝他们两新婚快乐,永浴爱河. Eventually I was not prepared for this event and this is my first wedding project shots. I knew wedding photography is not a try and error shooting. I don't have a chance to think or plan for what I'm going to do next or what setting I have to use. The moment is so spontaneous and I can't afford to miss it. Lucky, I'm still able to cover those major and important moments. I think the pressure is not that high if there is another photographer to back me up. Well, as summary, this is fun and good experience for me.

Ye Lun

Test out on posting photo of my youngest son - Ye Lun