Re-activate my blog site

This blog eventually has been inactive for quite a long time (~1 year :p). It is time for me to turn this site on again. This round, I think I would like to focus more on my photography projects. This should be the best way to share my works to my friends and even to the world. Since I'm still new in world of photography, comment and critique are welcome. This is the part from process of learning.
My interest in photography started in 1999. I’m feel very impressive to those pro’s can take a very good and nice photos. Sadly, my involvement is just a short period of time only. This is because owning camera gears need very strong financial background to support. As a beginner, I tend to do lots of mistake and its turn out spending lots of money on it. I was quite agree on this phrase - “No pain, no gain”. However, this pain really hurt.
In Mar’07, my interest comes back to life where nowadays, the digital photography is so popular and affordable and I'm started my DSLR investment again. DLSR can allow us to do more experiments without worrying of wasting money in developing spoiled negative. Furthermore, we can have an effective feedback loop where we can know our results right a way after the shutter button was clicked. This is good for a beginner like me and it can speed up the learning process.
Mainly, most of my camera shutter count goes to my youngest son. He is my FOC model all the time. Because of that, I was told by my wife that since I had invested in DSLR, why not try to look for others opportunities of DLSR can do for me rather than just taking my son’s photos. From now on, I would like to give a try on all kind of photography categories like landscape, potrait and even abstract. Hopefully, my photography interest will keep on rolling, rolling and rolling…

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