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Go-No Go, Buy-No Buy

This question is coming to my head over and over for last 2 weeks. My head was twisted 360 degree. Should I get it or leave it? My dream Canon “L” lens, 70-200mm f2.8 L IS. For a beginner in photography, 70-200mm is the basic lens collection in their bag or it is one of the general purpose lenses. However, the longest lens I had currently was only 50mm. Having some limitation especially in portrait shooting, cant get tight and nice bokeh effect. Now, questions arise. Can I go that far? Shall I think for other 3rd party lens? The 3rd party is half of the “L” price but without IS feature. Will I regret when I get 3rd party lens? If I get 3rd party lens now, later think of upgrading, I have to spend another few K of money. Why not get a good one in first place, is that right? How can I make full use of 70-200mm? How often I use it? Was the “L” worth that much of money? A lot of question marks in my mind. Photography is really an expensive hobby around. Unfortunately, I had become a victim of it. My passion and interest is killing me. No turning back and GO ALL THE WAY. Hopefully, my dream will come true. Wish me good luck.

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PC Fair Visit

Last weekend went to PC fair with my friends. Eventually, I didn't plan for visiting the fair as I didn't intend to buy anything from there. As usual, it was crowded with people. Wa lau… "people mountain, people sea". No doubt, you can get cheap price there on PC hardware to IT gadgets. The only thing not works for me is the booth layout and arrangement by organizer. Visitors are required to circle outer arena at level 1 before can enter to the main arena area at ground floor and it has to be in one way direction. Normally what people will do is to survey every shop to see which are selling the cheapest price. When they found the 1st shop can get the cheapest price after the survey, they need to exit the building and go up to level 1 to enter the building again. This is really not a convenient way of shopping. Some of them were taking short cut by going back in reverse direction and creating jam at the walkway. Another observation of mine, more and more booths are selling digital camera rather than PC hardware in so called PC fair. Camera is it a part of PC? It looks funny to me. I visited Canon booth that selling camera. I saw a lot of P&S camera displayed for demo. Somehow I couldn't find the newly launched EOS 450D in display. However, they had printed in fl yer that 450D body only @RM2999. Too bad I can't get a chance to hold the new 450D.

Behind the scene shots

Here are “behind the scene” shots from the workshop. Louis and fellow participants in “GO ALL THE WAY” ACTION.

Shots of the day

As promised, there are the shots taken by me during the 2.5 days From Ordinary to Extraordinary workshop. Not a nice collection but will be better in future. Enjoy ya... 8) Special thanks to models Sam, Reynaldo, Max, Vicky, Wendy and William. You guys are great. :) Poison a lot with 70-200mm lens. ;)

From Ordinary To Extraordinary Workshop

Finally, the 2.5 days workshop ended. I like this workshop very much. Louis style of conducting this workshop is really fun and full of excitement. Although there is some pressure because each of us were given a 5min-challenge to shoot by ourselves, but we really enjoy it. Nice to meet friends from other places like KK, Kuching, KL/PJ as well as from local. Beside shooting skill, he gave us a lots tips on how to look for good lighting, do posing, communicating and relaxing our client. This is the area I really need to work on. He also gave us motivation and encouragement to be BRAVE and GO ALL THE WAY. Louis... Thank you so much for the coaching.

I felt a little bit of disappointed and discouraged because I couldn't get a nice shots over the 2.5 days. No worry. I knew by applying what I had learnt, I shall be as good as Louis in some day. :P 加油 Let's wait for that moment to come. I shall post my shots of the day later.

Ye Lun Birthaday & CNY Gathering

I should post this in the month of Feb. But I'm late. Anyhow, late better than none. Ye Lun 1st birthday is on 17th Feb and we had small party for him plus a get together lunch. Click here to view full photos.

Begin of 2nd Quarter

A quarter past and now is the 2nd quarter of 2008. There are still many tasks and items that need to close by me. Better do it before too late. I still have bunched of photos that awaiting for me to process. I would like to say sorry to Winnie as not able to deliver her photos on time. I'm a rookie and trying very hard to process her photos that taken back in Feb. The reason of slow is because I want try out a few different imaging software to see which one will giving the best results. Winnie, thanks for your patient. :-P

Last weekend was my best friend PS and BE's wedding day. I volunteer myself to be their wedding photographer to capture their precious moments. Again, I need time to process all these photos. Please don’t put me into the pressure cooker. Hopefully I'm able to deliver the photos after they come back from thier honeymoon. I will putt in my upcoming post. :)

10 more days, I will be attending the 2.5 days wedding photography workshop by Louis Pang. I’m looking forward to meet the most wanted wedding photographer in Malaysia. As a beginner, I hope I can fully utilize this workshop to enhance my skill and knowledge in this field. The workshop is requesting us to send in our works for Louis to review. Now, I'm going back to my hard drive to search for it and hope to get some constructive comments and critiques from him. :)