Begin of 2nd Quarter

A quarter past and now is the 2nd quarter of 2008. There are still many tasks and items that need to close by me. Better do it before too late. I still have bunched of photos that awaiting for me to process. I would like to say sorry to Winnie as not able to deliver her photos on time. I'm a rookie and trying very hard to process her photos that taken back in Feb. The reason of slow is because I want try out a few different imaging software to see which one will giving the best results. Winnie, thanks for your patient. :-P

Last weekend was my best friend PS and BE's wedding day. I volunteer myself to be their wedding photographer to capture their precious moments. Again, I need time to process all these photos. Please don’t put me into the pressure cooker. Hopefully I'm able to deliver the photos after they come back from thier honeymoon. I will putt in my upcoming post. :)

10 more days, I will be attending the 2.5 days wedding photography workshop by Louis Pang. I’m looking forward to meet the most wanted wedding photographer in Malaysia. As a beginner, I hope I can fully utilize this workshop to enhance my skill and knowledge in this field. The workshop is requesting us to send in our works for Louis to review. Now, I'm going back to my hard drive to search for it and hope to get some constructive comments and critiques from him. :)

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