Go-No Go, Buy-No Buy

This question is coming to my head over and over for last 2 weeks. My head was twisted 360 degree. Should I get it or leave it? My dream Canon “L” lens, 70-200mm f2.8 L IS. For a beginner in photography, 70-200mm is the basic lens collection in their bag or it is one of the general purpose lenses. However, the longest lens I had currently was only 50mm. Having some limitation especially in portrait shooting, cant get tight and nice bokeh effect. Now, questions arise. Can I go that far? Shall I think for other 3rd party lens? The 3rd party is half of the “L” price but without IS feature. Will I regret when I get 3rd party lens? If I get 3rd party lens now, later think of upgrading, I have to spend another few K of money. Why not get a good one in first place, is that right? How can I make full use of 70-200mm? How often I use it? Was the “L” worth that much of money? A lot of question marks in my mind. Photography is really an expensive hobby around. Unfortunately, I had become a victim of it. My passion and interest is killing me. No turning back and GO ALL THE WAY. Hopefully, my dream will come true. Wish me good luck.

Photo from The-Digital-Picture.com

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  1. Eugene Khoo says:

    Go all the way!!! I think the IS is worth it though. I'm looking at upgrading my non-IS version next year :)

  2. beyond says:

    Just do it! (ala Nike style)
    70-200 is a must have!

  3. achiet says:

    the same question on my head recently as well....kekekek~~~

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