PC Fair Visit

Last weekend went to PC fair with my friends. Eventually, I didn't plan for visiting the fair as I didn't intend to buy anything from there. As usual, it was crowded with people. Wa lau… "people mountain, people sea". No doubt, you can get cheap price there on PC hardware to IT gadgets. The only thing not works for me is the booth layout and arrangement by organizer. Visitors are required to circle outer arena at level 1 before can enter to the main arena area at ground floor and it has to be in one way direction. Normally what people will do is to survey every shop to see which are selling the cheapest price. When they found the 1st shop can get the cheapest price after the survey, they need to exit the building and go up to level 1 to enter the building again. This is really not a convenient way of shopping. Some of them were taking short cut by going back in reverse direction and creating jam at the walkway. Another observation of mine, more and more booths are selling digital camera rather than PC hardware in so called PC fair. Camera is it a part of PC? It looks funny to me. I visited Canon booth that selling camera. I saw a lot of P&S camera displayed for demo. Somehow I couldn't find the newly launched EOS 450D in display. However, they had printed in fl yer that 450D body only @RM2999. Too bad I can't get a chance to hold the new 450D.

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