Shots of the day

As promised, there are the shots taken by me during the 2.5 days From Ordinary to Extraordinary workshop. Not a nice collection but will be better in future. Enjoy ya... 8) Special thanks to models Sam, Reynaldo, Max, Vicky, Wendy and William. You guys are great. :) Poison a lot with 70-200mm lens. ;)

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  1. Mark says:

    Wow, very nice!! Yes I was poisoned by all the 70-200mm as well. Didn’t help that Eugene kept whispering into my ear!

  2. Ah Chuan says:

    Mark, thanks. I’m really squeeze myself and stand closer to shoot with my 50mm, it’s still won’t work. I did a lot cropping. “Can hide, hide it. Cannot hide, crop it”.

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