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Wedding - Charlie & Winnie

I'm lucky to be one of the "camera man" of my friend, Winnie's wedding on 18th May 2008. We have total 5 photographers on that day... Ha ha... It just like photo shoot outing. Beside, I got chance to tag along with TY, wedding photography specialist for shooting. Nice to meet TY there and is my pleasure to work together with him.

The groom, Charlie was came from Taiwan. The ceremony took place at Evergreen Laurel Hotel. Although it just a half day and simple event, from tea ceremony to luncheon it just took less than 6 hours. It's quite fun and enjoyable. Congratulation to them and wishing them 永结同心, 百年好合。Currently both them had went back to Taiwan to get prepare for another ceremony with groom's relative over there. I just want to share some my photos here.

For more can view it here.

Canon - World of EOS

The event held at Gurney Plaza few weeks back with introduction full range of Canon's product. It got showcase it BIG cannon from 300mm to 600mm for visitor to touch on. Some other highlight of the event include seminars, photo contest and runway model shooting competition and. I got a chance to shoot the runway model for the 1st time. I had to stand very close to the stage and get better position due to I'm on 50mm. Here are some of my shots. Enjoy ya...

More photos here...

My company's Beta Program

I just got mine Intel® Core™2 Extreme quad-core processor (QX9650) for free but with term and condition. This is part of my company Beta Program. My new PC system setting up project is on the way. Meaning my wallet going to "bocor" as well. :( I have budget constraint la. I need to spend at least 2k to complete the set. My shopping lists is yet ready and I need to do more research. Currently I just bought a Gigabyte main board with Intel P35 chipset, cost me RM380. It's just a mid range board that capable to support quad core system. I'm going to get the rest of the hardware piece by piece with budget allow. I hope this system which will replace my Sony Vaio laptop and have better processing power for my photos.

This is my CPU chip... Clock speed @3Ghz, 12M L2 cache and 1333FSB.

Proudly present...

At last, I had make up my mind and bought a domain...called Started a new chapter of my blogging expedition and make my blogging experience more interesting. Thank you for your support and hope to see you guys continue on. I will keep my momentum rolling and putting more good sharing into my blog, especially photography. Don't worry, still reachable and will be routed automatically to this new domain. Happy blogging.

Penang Heritage Trail Outing

Thanks to Danny for organizing this outing on Labour Day morning. We have Jeffrey, Poh Seong, Bee Eng and I joined the interesting trip. Eventually, we are expecting more photo-enthusiastic to join us. But due to it is a last minute planning, some of them (Malcolm, Ping Hun and George) not able to join. No worry, we shall have another session for them. Our journey started at 7.30am and last for 5 hours. Yet, we couldnt covered all the interesting places as shown in map, but we able to capture and discovered the details that we never seen before. It was a long time I never take a walk around the town area. I used to walk from Kedah Road (my old house, stayed there for 26 years since birth) to Esplanade or moving around in town by foot when I was in school time due to no transportation. So I wont feel any difficulty or tiredness. Bring back a lot of memories as well. Usually, I passed by the area with rushing and in a hurry way, didnt have chance to stop and slow down to observe around. Thus, I over looked a lot of details that already existing over there for long time ago. These gave me some thought about our life slow down and think again.

The map...

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