Wedding - Charlie & Winnie

I'm lucky to be one of the "camera man" of my friend, Winnie's wedding on 18th May 2008. We have total 5 photographers on that day... Ha ha... It just like photo shoot outing. Beside, I got chance to tag along with TY, wedding photography specialist for shooting. Nice to meet TY there and is my pleasure to work together with him.

The groom, Charlie was came from Taiwan. The ceremony took place at Evergreen Laurel Hotel. Although it just a half day and simple event, from tea ceremony to luncheon it just took less than 6 hours. It's quite fun and enjoyable. Congratulation to them and wishing them 永结同心, 百年好合。Currently both them had went back to Taiwan to get prepare for another ceremony with groom's relative over there. I just want to share some my photos here.

For more can view it here.

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  1. achiet says:

    haha~~ small world... u finally met TY.. :) hey those are great photos from you!! captured all the happiness of the bride and groom, great work!!

  2. TY says:

    hey...ahchuan, nice to meet u there!
    yah small small time can go shooting together d :)kekeke
    By the way, good job..i like all your photos.

  3. Ah Chuan says:

    achiet & TY... haha... thanks for compliment.

    I can get those good shots is becoz our sifu (TY) was there. :p

  4. Winnie says:

    haha....thank you x3 to all d great photographers!!!

  5. beyond says:

    GOod stuffs. LOve the mood that u managed to capture!

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