My company's Beta Program

I just got mine Intel® Core™2 Extreme quad-core processor (QX9650) for free but with term and condition. This is part of my company Beta Program. My new PC system setting up project is on the way. Meaning my wallet going to "bocor" as well. :( I have budget constraint la. I need to spend at least 2k to complete the set. My shopping lists is yet ready and I need to do more research. Currently I just bought a Gigabyte main board with Intel P35 chipset, cost me RM380. It's just a mid range board that capable to support quad core system. I'm going to get the rest of the hardware piece by piece with budget allow. I hope this system which will replace my Sony Vaio laptop and have better processing power for my photos.

This is my CPU chip... Clock speed @3Ghz, 12M L2 cache and 1333FSB.

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  1. Eugene Khoo says:

    Do you have anymore free CPU ?? :)

    Get 4 x 2Gb RAM, Vista 64bit...
    2 x 500Gb disk :)
    Hardware price dropping all the time...

  2. Ah Chuan says:

    Wow... good adivce. Will do it later... My strategy is to get the PC running 1st... :)

  3. Eugene Khoo says:

    I want nehalem!!

  4. PoiPoi says:

    bro? where to get free one? y no share share what ler you

  5. Ah Chuan says:

    Popx2, don't worry... It's will be offical and open all later in Q4. :p

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