Proudly present...

At last, I had make up my mind and bought a domain...called Started a new chapter of my blogging expedition and make my blogging experience more interesting. Thank you for your support and hope to see you guys continue on. I will keep my momentum rolling and putting more good sharing into my blog, especially photography. Don't worry, still reachable and will be routed automatically to this new domain. Happy blogging.

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  1. Derrick Loh says:

    Hi Chuan, still remember me? Derrick, Winnie Soon's friend. Anyway, congratulations to you that you have decided to move one notch further in your photography interest.

  2. Ah Chuan says:

    Thanks for your suppoty. Ya... we will meet again this sunday.

  3. achiet says:

    congrats!~~ share more photos ya!

  4. beyond says:

    Hmm.. I always wanted a domain too! Congrats bro!

  5. Ah Chuan says:

    Beyond... you can do that too. Hope to see yours domain in near future.

    Achiet... you also got a good start. Let's share together.

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