Never afraid of getting to "Holland" now

Still remember I hinted something about new gadget in my earlier post. Presenting my new buddy, that won't lead me to "Holland" - GPS - Garmin nuvi 200. This is the most simple and basic model in the nuvi line up. Of course the price is affordable. It's came with preloaded US map and I can use it when I have a chance to visit US again. I uploaded it with Malaysia (East & West) and Singapore latest maps that download able from after contributed some points of interest to the community. It's support multi language voice prompt that include Cantonese and Hokkien. It's really funny if I switch to these languages to speak out the direction for me. I find it quite useful for me as I'm not good in recognizing and remember map or route that I rarely visit. It will guide me all the way and never get lost. I have more confident now while traveling on the road. Can explore to new places. Although it might not that accurate due to poor city planning on "Bolehland" roads, however, it still can bring me to my destination once I set it. Furthermore, it has plenty of point of interest loaded in the map and I can look for foods, shops, gas station and lots more when I'm in an unfamiliar place. One thing that I feel not right is after getting this gadget, the petrol price hike. All my exploration plans have to cancel or may be reduce. Sigh. :(

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  1. beyond says:

    Hi Chuan, I have a nuvi200 too..It still let me almost to Holland, sometimes it will select routes that are longer and dunno lar! Hahahah

  2. TH Chuan says:

    Agreed, I guess "faster time" and "shortest distance" confusing us. Anyway, happy navigating.

  3. beyond says:

    Muahahah. True true, when we opt for faster time, it is actually taking a longer time. When we opt for shortest route, it will somehow abit holland.

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