Wedding Shots On Ah "旺" Birthday

The date is 7th June. It was Agong's Birthday holiday. I noticed a lot of couples getting married on this day. So do Sai Leong and Chaih Hsia. Probably it is "ong" day (in hokkien "ong" mean "king" and similar pronunciation with 旺). I would like to wish them 新婚快乐. The special of this wedding and I guess it won't find in others... the charity drive for the China and Myanmar disaster relief by Tzu Chi. Chaih Hsia is the member of Tzu Chi and it has made their wedding day so meaningful and memorable. A donation box placed after the dinner by fellowship of Tzu Chi to let the guest to donate some dollars to help the unfortunate one.

More photos in my Multiply site.

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  1. Mark Leo says:

    Nicely captured! You caught the moments in your shots mate! Good stuff.

  2. achiet says:

    yo~ man... I think u did great in capturing the happy moments of the wedding. Good work buddy!

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