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Disappointed - Fireworks Display

Due to sudden change in plan, eventually I didn't get down to the World Heritage Site Celebration Event to shoot. What I managed to capture during that night is the "fireworks". I dare not say I got the best shots of it, but I just want to show you guys how the fireworks looks like and may be the organizing committee should do it better.
The Esplanade is at 2 o'clock direction to my apartment's balcony where I can see the fireworks display without any blocking. My tripod setup was ready at 7pm. According to the agenda, the fireworks should start after 8.30pm. But waiting and waiting, still never see any sign of fireworks. Nature calls also cannot go away, afraid of missing the most interesting part. It finally started at 9.15pm. I got a big disappointment where the fireworks small like "kacang putih". The sound like monkey's farting. Some more only last for 3 minute nia. It's really below my expectation. This is consider a big event and celebration to Penang and why not make it grand and memorable. Put a little bit more budget, get a better fireworks.
I captured fireworks display before during Merdeka Eve last year. The fireworks is so grand and nice, it sound like big explosion and it's last for more than 5 minute. I put up both set of shots to compare. Both set of photos captured at 200mm, no cropping and same angle.

Above 3 pictures capture recently during the night of celebration. The biggest fireworks is at 3rd picture and it is the last one to display. Below 3 pictures from Merdeka Eve. See how grand and nice of the fireworks. Pay attention to the height of fireworks, it actually higher than the Komtar building.

p/s : Blur picture is due to I didn't used a remote shutter release.

Georgetown as World Heritage Site! Let's Celebrate!

Georgetown was announced by UNESCO as World Heritage Site ~3 weeks ago. Getting some information from my friend, there is a celebration sponsored by Penang State Government will be going on this weekend. Another shooting opportunity for those "kaki" out there. Too many events happening at the same time. I still couldn't decide which one to go. Detail agenda can refer to this link. Happy shooting.

Bon Odori 2008 Photo Shooting

This is my first time shooting in Bon Odori event since held in Penang for past 12 years. This is also my "little white" virgin shots. Fuyoh...This lens really great in quality, worth for the price. Now I know why it sell at high price and most people dreaming of getting this lens. From this series, I really enjoy it's sharpness. The IS works well especially during twilight and low light condition. Beside enjoy shooting with my new lens, I was surprised that I met Louis there. Too bad, I couldn't have chance to chat with him, but just gave him a wave. I was surrounded by huge crowd and can't even move an inch. I have to station there so that I won't lost my nice spot, but I knew I'm wrong, too much concentrate on the stage activities. I shouldn't stay there for too long as I will miss some of the nice shots of surrounding people. Never mind, I will be back next year.

CM of Penang, YAB Lim Guan Eng

Breakfast at BM

I came across an interesting food program called 阿贤人情味, introduce nice Hokkien Mee in Bukit Mertajam long time ago. Until last few week, on one sunny Sunday morning, I decided to bring my family together to have breakfast over there. Mainly I just want to try out the famous Hokkien Mee. The hawker stall was located in the BM wet market, at the back of 大伯公庙. You won't miss the stall because it is too famous and packed with people. My order arrived after a long wait due to business too good, too many orders queuing up. Sorry for no Hokkien Mee photos posted here as I was too hungry after the long wait, I finished it up in less than a second (:p). You may find it out from this food blog. After getting taste of it, I felt nothing special. It might be depend on individual liking. Anyway I just want to try something different. We visited Mengkuang Dam as well. I still remember last time I plan to visit the dam but I'm lost. This round we managed to find it with the help of my GPS. Saja saja to take some random shots and do scouting for photography excursion there. :p

Poison Cured

After struggling for some while, I couldn't imagine, I got an effective antidote to cure my poison. My "little white" finally delivered. In the beginning, go no-go, buy no-buy question marks spinning in my head. To make it happen is not an easy process. I would like to thanks to my wife, who agreed with the "all the way" philosophy plus some financial support. :p. To my fellow PMO photographers (Malcolm, Ping Hun and Achiet), giving me a lot of advice and share to me their experience. Now, I have consider myself upgraded to another level of my photography interest. However, I still have a long way to go.

My Son's Candid

I'm a bit quiet recently, no photography activity. No up coming wedding to shoot. Only have one in Sept. I guess most of friend already get married. So no more business jor. I brought out my camera to dry cycle my shutter, make sure it still funtioning and not jam after keeping too long in dry box (:p). Using my Tammy 28-200mm to shoot candid of my son's at home. He is 16 months old now, he is too energetic and can't be there quietly for me to shoot him. A little bit tough for me to use max aperture @5.6 on this Tammy with indoor condition. Boost the ISO to 1600 to get 1/60 or less, noise present. Not many good shots, put in recycle bin a lots.

Vacation photos from last year

This is not new but hasn’t got a chance to show it in my blog. Here are some photos taken back in September last year, vacation at Perth, Australia. Spent 2 weeks, have very good experience on how's life over there... relax and calm.

On the way into city center...

View of the city from Kings Park.

The Sunset Coast - Swanbourne beach, well known in Perth as a nudist beach. Sorry... no chick around due to winter :p

Inside of Perth Bell Tower.

Frementle port.