Bon Odori 2008 Photo Shooting

This is my first time shooting in Bon Odori event since held in Penang for past 12 years. This is also my "little white" virgin shots. Fuyoh...This lens really great in quality, worth for the price. Now I know why it sell at high price and most people dreaming of getting this lens. From this series, I really enjoy it's sharpness. The IS works well especially during twilight and low light condition. Beside enjoy shooting with my new lens, I was surprised that I met Louis there. Too bad, I couldn't have chance to chat with him, but just gave him a wave. I was surrounded by huge crowd and can't even move an inch. I have to station there so that I won't lost my nice spot, but I knew I'm wrong, too much concentrate on the stage activities. I shouldn't stay there for too long as I will miss some of the nice shots of surrounding people. Never mind, I will be back next year.

CM of Penang, YAB Lim Guan Eng

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