Breakfast at BM

I came across an interesting food program called 阿贤人情味, introduce nice Hokkien Mee in Bukit Mertajam long time ago. Until last few week, on one sunny Sunday morning, I decided to bring my family together to have breakfast over there. Mainly I just want to try out the famous Hokkien Mee. The hawker stall was located in the BM wet market, at the back of 大伯公庙. You won't miss the stall because it is too famous and packed with people. My order arrived after a long wait due to business too good, too many orders queuing up. Sorry for no Hokkien Mee photos posted here as I was too hungry after the long wait, I finished it up in less than a second (:p). You may find it out from this food blog. After getting taste of it, I felt nothing special. It might be depend on individual liking. Anyway I just want to try something different. We visited Mengkuang Dam as well. I still remember last time I plan to visit the dam but I'm lost. This round we managed to find it with the help of my GPS. Saja saja to take some random shots and do scouting for photography excursion there. :p

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