Disappointed - Fireworks Display

Due to sudden change in plan, eventually I didn't get down to the World Heritage Site Celebration Event to shoot. What I managed to capture during that night is the "fireworks". I dare not say I got the best shots of it, but I just want to show you guys how the fireworks looks like and may be the organizing committee should do it better.
The Esplanade is at 2 o'clock direction to my apartment's balcony where I can see the fireworks display without any blocking. My tripod setup was ready at 7pm. According to the agenda, the fireworks should start after 8.30pm. But waiting and waiting, still never see any sign of fireworks. Nature calls also cannot go away, afraid of missing the most interesting part. It finally started at 9.15pm. I got a big disappointment where the fireworks small like "kacang putih". The sound like monkey's farting. Some more only last for 3 minute nia. It's really below my expectation. This is consider a big event and celebration to Penang and why not make it grand and memorable. Put a little bit more budget, get a better fireworks.
I captured fireworks display before during Merdeka Eve last year. The fireworks is so grand and nice, it sound like big explosion and it's last for more than 5 minute. I put up both set of shots to compare. Both set of photos captured at 200mm, no cropping and same angle.

Above 3 pictures capture recently during the night of celebration. The biggest fireworks is at 3rd picture and it is the last one to display. Below 3 pictures from Merdeka Eve. See how grand and nice of the fireworks. Pay attention to the height of fireworks, it actually higher than the Komtar building.

p/s : Blur picture is due to I didn't used a remote shutter release.

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  1. achiet says:

    zoom at 200mm for fireworks shot definitely will increase the difficulties. furthermore you don't have shutter release....what about self-timer? will it help? but you won't be able to catch the timing of the fireworks, just have to try your luck...haha~

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