CCWC 2008 Penang

First time photograph in sporting event. Went to Club Crew World Championship 2008 dragon boat race at Teluk Bahang Dam on Saturday. This is once in 2 years event that held in various country in the world and this year it came to Penang. This is the 4 days event that started from 31st Jul until 3rd Aug. Total of 159 teams from 22 countries taking part. What a big event le. Weather is hot and hazy for that day. I was under the hot sun for at least 2 hours for shooting and I'm getting sun burn liao. My only sun blocking gear is my cap and it didn't help much. To get a closer shots, I need to climb down the steep cliff and it really dangerous le. One miss step, my camera and I will be end up swimming in the dam. Seeing a lot muscular men and women there. Surprise to see old uncle and auntie participating in the race as well, mai siao siao, their rowing are powerful le. Just to share some candid and action shots here.

Penang Tourism Development, Culture, Arts and Heritage Exco - YB Law Heng Kiang was interviewed by Channel V.

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