One World, One Dream

One world one dream. 2008 29th Summer Olympic Games, the 16 days of events finally ended yesterday. Busy watching Astro supersport channel. Purposely subscribe to the sport package because of this Olympic games. I would said this is the most prestigious sport event in the world and I should not miss. Nice and grand opening ceremony. Same to closing ceremony. The worst part is Astro really suck during the closing ceremony, too much commercial break during the live broadcast. Just imagine if they put the commercial break in the middle of football game, what will you think. Something very interesting from my observation, the track athletic mostly seeing all Black runners. I guess this is their talent, can run day and night, like N!xau. The badminton and table tennis dominant by Asian. Besides games, seeing a lot of black and white bazooka from the side line. They took great pictures, can be seen from newspaper. Betul-betul pro.

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