I'm going to fly again???

This is not finalize but I guess this should be real. It is the longest assignment I had so far, 6 months le. I don't know what to say about my feeling now. Happy, sad, excited, anxious.... all mixed up. This is a good opportunity to expose and gain experience. However, I'm going to miss a lot of things in my home ground. My daughter is going to standard 1 next year, I'm still waiting for my son to call me Papa and I might miss for my Chinese New Year reunion. A few more photo shoot opportunity expected to miss as well. What to do. I guess should be no big deal and I can overcome the problem. Nowadays, the technology is so advance. I still can use skype and web cam to keep in touch with my family, right? No worry about the photo shoot, I think I can get more good shooting opportunity over there. Now, I'm going to busy with my relocating stuff as the time dateline is getting closer.

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