Japanese's food

Having lunch with my colleague in one of the restaurant at E-gate, Tao Cuisine Japanese Restaurant. It's all-you-can-eat style, just use the menu and order from the waiter at anytime. I'm not that good in giving food review. But overall, the food is not bad. Tips for you, don't ever order foods with rice such as shusi/hand row. This will make you full. Target on those expansive food like shasimi, scallop etc. Bought my 400D and my Tammy 17-50mm there to test shoot of food photography. The light condition is too poor and having some difficulty to shoot there. Sorry for not able to capture all variety of foods, I can't wait and start eating without shooting them. :p


Here come the foods...

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  1. achiet says:

    looks really yummy...I never know how to shot food, sipek tough man...

    I heard Tao Egate is very kiamsiap one, if you order too much of the expensive stuff like shashimi, they will make you wait... that's feedback from my friend, do u have the same experience?

  2. TH Chuan says:

    Saja simply shoot nia.

    So far we never encounter that. BTW, we didn't get the shasimi package. So far the food serve quite smooth and until we drop. :p

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