Pre-Wedding - Hanz & Ice

I was invited by Hanz to shoot for his pre-wedding in Arizona. Wow... this is great experience I ever had and this is my first portrait shooting out side of M'sia, shooting the Autumn scenery in this dry desert. Hanz is my friend, who work at the same company as me but different department. He love photography as well and has been working here for more than a year. Actually I was not plan for this, I got to know he need me to help up just a day before the shoot. At first Hanz want to shoot by himself, using tripod and remote switch... LOL. Anyhow, I was there to help. We went to Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon and a few more spots along it the way. Thanks to Hanz and Ice for the invitation. Also to Weng Wai and Lee Peng as my assistant.


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  1. achiet says:

    man~~ sipek keat loh~~ Chuan POWER!!! oh gosh... so romantic the album... post more la.. I am sure u got... do a photobook!!

    wah~ but the photos alone really SUPERB loh! not many ppl will have that great experience to shot Pre-wedding around that time at the deserted AZ and u've done it well! congrats man!

  2. TH Chuan says:

    Thanks achiet. Paiseh le.

  3. Mark says:

    Wow, I like your shots la! The lighting and all so nice :D

  4. TH Chuan says:

    Mark, good to hear that u like it. :p

  5. Poh Seong says:

    Nice place , Great Shooting. Also good photographer..I believe you shout have many ...remember to share after comeing back

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