I miss them...

It's has been a week in Chandler, AZ. I miss my family a lot. Miss all kind of delicious foods from Penang. I was down with a cold since last few day. I might be not used to the weather over here, desert weather with dry and extremely hot in the day and very cold in the night. I will be fine for the next couple of day. Some jalan-jalan plans are in place, like Las Vegas, Grand Canyon... and hope it will be a fun one. If I have a chance, I will post some photos here. But before that, let me post up my kids portrait that I shot before the week I head to US. I'm using my sister's 450D and 50mm lens to shoot these shots.


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  1. CCT says:

    Your kids r so cute. Pls tight them up so that no one can "kidnap" them.... :D i believe they will say the same thing...."i miss my photography daddy"....hahahaha!!!

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