My First Product Close Up Shots

I ought to look for something new to keep my photography momentum rolling. Or else , my gear will be sitting in the dry box all the time. Trying to shoot something that I never did before. Take out my kids' color pencil and Ferrari FXX toy car from Shell for close up shots. Set up a DIY studio light and borrow a soft cube light tent from friend. I'm using 2 units 28W cool daylight energy saving bulbs with plastic diffused cover as the light source. Put it at both side of the tent. I think I didn't really follow the appropriate light source setup and I just shoot right away. It shouldn't be a good one. Never mind, it is just an experiment. I'm planing for second round attempt with better research. Besides, I just found out the 18-55mm kit lens having shorter focusing distance compare to the Tamron 17-50mm. In order to have better effect of the product, may be I should get a macro lens. Another wish list in my mind. OMG, my wallet going to "bocor" again. By the way, I'm trying to get more Ferrari toy cars from Shell this year for my next close up product shots project.


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  1. haha nice one bro. maybe u should polish your falali 1st before u shoot.
    so more shine shine mah hahah..

    but nice sharp image bro, can even see the dust haha..

  2. TH Chuan says:

    haha... kit lens very powerful.

  3. Carolline says:

    Good start honey! waiting to see more good good stuff.

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