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DCIM Show KL 2009

See how slow am I. This is the event from last month and now only I put it up. I'm kind of disappointed with this show, not meeting my expectation, not as grand as I thought. Anyhow, good experience for me in knowing how many photo enthusiastic out there especially on model runway event. In order to get a good spot, ladder climbing, standing chair and lot more methods you can find over there (including me :P Kia-su spirit). At least I came back without empty handed.

Lightning Strike Georgetown

The thunder storm is approaching and the lightning strike continuously for at least an hour. I can see the lightning strike from my balcony over Gurney Drive area. I was wondering should I shoot it. Without thinking further, quickly set up my tripod. No time for the set up planning. Use my wide angle, set to Bulb mode, without cable release, pressing the shutter button with my finger, dare not move my hand due to afraid of shaking, use a black card and wait for the next strike. My Manfrotto tripod is doing a good job. I don't know how long I should expose the shots. Remove the black card occasionally. I can't anticipate where it going to strike. Just keep my finger cross. Finally, I managed to capture lightning strike in my frame. I don't know it is coincidence or by luck, but I made it. Although it is not a good one, but I consider that acceptable. Enjoy the beauty of mother nature. After this encounter, I'm going to get a cable release that I consider not very important for me.


Shoot Like A Pro Workshop?

Went to BRIPEX at PISA on Saturday morning. Actually nothing special but I just want to attend the talk by Louis Pang. Very interesting and very inspired. He is going to held a workshop coming up in May in Penang. Shall I attend his workshop? This question was asked around since a few weeks ago. Finally, after that talk, I have make up my mind. Although this workshop mainly focus on portraiture photography and furthermore it compress everything in one day class. For sure it is not as comprehensive as extraordinary workshop, but I think I need some refresher, getting inspiration and motivation from him. I'm coming, wait for me.
Despite of his tight schedule, eventually he still manage to catch up with us (ex-extraordinary gangs) for a fast and simple lunch before heading to airport.

Documenting Shots From A Photography Workshop

Not long ago, I was invited by Malcolm Foo for documenting his very first photography workshop, called "Sweating the Small Stuffs Workshop". The workshop was held at Trinity Penang and opened to anyone interested. It's my pleasure to help him out. Besides, I can learn some skills from there for FOC. :P Very informative and interesting workshop and I would like to recommend to those beginner who has passion in photography. This workshop mainly cover the basic of photography such as what is aperture, shutter speed, white balance etc. with very detail and easy to understand explanation. Compact camera and DSLR users are mostly welcome. There are some practical session for participants to experiment on all kind of setting. It's worth to attend.

Participants setting up their gears
How to hold your camera in steady way
Practical session