Shoot Like A Pro Workshop?

Went to BRIPEX at PISA on Saturday morning. Actually nothing special but I just want to attend the talk by Louis Pang. Very interesting and very inspired. He is going to held a workshop coming up in May in Penang. Shall I attend his workshop? This question was asked around since a few weeks ago. Finally, after that talk, I have make up my mind. Although this workshop mainly focus on portraiture photography and furthermore it compress everything in one day class. For sure it is not as comprehensive as extraordinary workshop, but I think I need some refresher, getting inspiration and motivation from him. I'm coming, wait for me.
Despite of his tight schedule, eventually he still manage to catch up with us (ex-extraordinary gangs) for a fast and simple lunch before heading to airport.

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  1. jason says:

    wah make up mind adi la...

    then afterwards i hv to call ah chuan the master adi

  2. TH Chuan says:

    Jason. Thanks for the support. I'm not master la. Tipu tiupu can la. :p

  3. gd to hear you finally sign up. i will go also if not for my budget constrain.

    louis workshop you always get back more then what you pay for that price. so for those who thinking want to go or not. dont think just GO! it worth every penny!

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