An Inspired Weekend

"Your heart will not get desired if your eye is not seeing it". Wow, this phrase is very "deep" le. I just came back from Louis Pang's Shoot Like A Pro workshop. This is what I learn from there. What he said is true. Although I had been attended one of his workshop a year ago, but I still wanted to join for another time. This is because my heart still not fulfill and I want to experience it by myself, getting inspired, trigger my thinking and improve myself. Beside learning new photography skill that I miss out, a lot motivation and encouraging talks by Louis is a worth for my investment. "Dream is free, but we need to work hard toward our dream to make it come true". May be I would suggest to Louis to give a purely on motivation talk to us. I'm really looking forward to attend. :p Too many things for me to catch up to become a successful man.

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  1. jasonlow says:

    when sifu can pass some trick to student...

  2. TH Chuan says:

    I'm not sifu le. We learn together.

  3. Ya, I also get inpired deep-deeply.

    "Dream big with Hardworking"
    Now, I "dream" as big as I can everyday!!! :P

  4. achiet says:

    hahahah~ I day dream everyday at work....

  5. TH Chuan says:

    Don't dream while you driving or doing something dangerous. :p

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