Tons of homework

Poor little Wan Rou was doing her homework and revision for 2nd semester exam. She is only in standard one and I can feel the workload she has. The syllabus is way advance than my old school day. I think nowadays, the kids are taking too much DHA/AA... until they are smart and developing fast. Not the same as me during kids time, "gong gong" one. :p

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  1. hmm really looks like you hahhaa..

  2. One eye can confirm made by Chuan Teik Hong

  3. TH Chuan says:

    haha... hopefully she won't like me... "gong gong" one.

  4. Jen Wong says:

    so many home work!!! argh!

  5. Jonsern says:

    When I was in primary 1 play more then study. Sometimes homework didn't do.. haha.

  6. TH Chuan says:

    Very competitive, cannot lose an inch. Kiasu philosophy. Haha.

  7. achiet says:

    poor Wan Rou....

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