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My Kids Again

Photographing my kids again because they are free model and ready for me at anytime. LOL. This time try out remote flash shooting. Using my 400D, 50mm prime and cheap cheap phottix remote flash controller. Plus some grainy effect processing. Looks good?

New born "baby"

November is the month of happiness, I guess. Also November is the month that I spent the most, in year 2009. From now on, I think I must eat roti everyday. This is because my "baby" came to this world. Who is she? She is not the ordinary baby that you seen always. She is "million dollar" baby. She came from Japan and shipped in a box. Let's me introduced my "baby", Canon EOS 7D.

I have been using my beloved 400D for ~2 years, just thinking to upgrade and getting another body for insurance. Adding another new member to my photography gear. As of now, I have investing more money in photography, mean deeper I went into the "trap". LOL. I'm not complaining my 400D, it still serve me well. Definitely, there are some limitation between entry level and semi-pro body. Well, I'm not going to talk a lot specification and not good in giving review, but I just want to share my happiness here. After the arrival of 7D, I will still keeping my 400D as a backup. Although experiencing DSLR for some times, I still need to learn how to operate and master this semi-pro level camera, no joke. Lots of thing to learn, lots of things that won't find in entry level camera. Before the upgrade, I was kind of worry am I making the right decision, because nowadays people talking about full frame, whereby I'm not. No harm to stay at crop factor body. Both full frame and crop sensor also can do photography, who cares? Nothing to worry about. "No matter white cat or black cat, can catch a mouse mean is a good cat".
All shots here using 7D at ISO 6400 by purposes. I will share my "baby" portrait soon.
P/S : Those pictures from previous post were using 7D. :p

Company's Event Shooting

Just in a month, I had been shooting 2 event for my company. Both were company's annual dinner, one is by invitation and another one is for my own department.

Normally end of the year, each of the department will held their own annual dinner for their employee. Both events were almost identical, full of fun and entertainment. But guarantee you won't get boring. Because of the shows was taken care by Fun Factory and their funniest Emcee, Michelle Goh with a half-half appearance. He-She is really a fun maker/joker. The audience really enjoy it very much. I mean if you can accept his-her style, thus I would said 90% of people like it. Although in between having some stage performance or magic shows, it still not as interesting as the funny Emcee. I shot lots of candid and covers some of the stage performance.

The funny Emcee, Michelle Goh

Michelle was making fun with my buddy, Keith. LOL