Company's Event Shooting

Just in a month, I had been shooting 2 event for my company. Both were company's annual dinner, one is by invitation and another one is for my own department.

Normally end of the year, each of the department will held their own annual dinner for their employee. Both events were almost identical, full of fun and entertainment. But guarantee you won't get boring. Because of the shows was taken care by Fun Factory and their funniest Emcee, Michelle Goh with a half-half appearance. He-She is really a fun maker/joker. The audience really enjoy it very much. I mean if you can accept his-her style, thus I would said 90% of people like it. Although in between having some stage performance or magic shows, it still not as interesting as the funny Emcee. I shot lots of candid and covers some of the stage performance.

The funny Emcee, Michelle Goh

Michelle was making fun with my buddy, Keith. LOL

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  1. achiet says:

    the "gals" are hot! LOL~ POWER la your photos....

  2. TH Chuan says:

    gals??? do u see gals??? haha... thanks, master achiet.

  3. CH says:

    The man are HOT as well! ~: D

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