Kids - Little Ying Xi

Changing to new department with new job role is taken up most of my time. Tons of data to be extract, monitor, analyzes and thousand of presentation to prepare. Blog rolls that I'm following are piling up, don't have chance to catch up. My cam sit in dry box for long long time. My blog seem to be inactive. Am I that busy? A bit of exaggerated, huh! Anyway, post some photos of cute little Ying Xi that shots on months ago.

I was invited by one of my best friend, Siah, to shoot for her daughter. She has a pair of big round eyes and dimple while she smile, so adorable and lovely. I'm really apologize for keep on delaying the shoot by giving the same excuses as above. I'm realized that every jobs need to be done, no matter how busy am I. Shooting little kids is always a challenge, they won't listen to your instruction. But it doesn't matter. Without instruction, they act even more naturally and lively. I'm using 50mm to accomplish the mission.

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