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Kids - Lovely

I just found out I got a lot of photos that haven't posted here. These are just part of them. Back in Nov last year, after getting my "CJ7" and doing some test shots at home. Spontaneously photo taken of my lovely kids while enjoy playing with their toys.

The lens that I'm using was EF-S 17-55mm F2.8. The most expensive lens in the EF-S category, I guess. I borrowed it from my friend, Kevin. Thanks for letting me to play with it. Most of the people saying this lens is over price. Some of them might say it is the price of L and the built quality is not there. Even some say the quality is similar to L, just without the red ring. Anyhow, after having tried out, I feel this lens not bad. Versus the tammy, tammy lose the battle. Picture quality is good, but a bit behind L (my opinion la). USM and IS perfect. It is 77mm filter diameter, looks very pro.

Sport - Volley Ball Game

This is my factory's inter-department volley ball games. Organizing committee invited me as the OP. Good job to organizing committee, making this fun event successful. Participants really enjoy and I can see they are releasing their tension very much. While they enjoy playing, I'm enjoying shooting with my "CJ7"

First time shooting volley ball games. A good chance for me to test out my "CJ7" focusing system. The AI Servo plus 19 point AF point make perfect match. When couple with 70-200mm with USM, "beh tahan"... tack fast focus lock and sharp focusing. Although my gear perform well, but I'm slow. Haha. At first, I got miss some of the shots. Not really anticipate their action. But toward the end of the session, I kind of "catch up" with them. Here are my shots of the day.

Wedding - SS & Sylvia ROM

Moment ago I was doing a ROM shooting for my colleague, SS & Sylvia. Just a simple coverage and although not an OP for the ceremony, but managed to capture those important details. Congratulation to the lovely couple.

Quick update

I am not a good blogger. Long time no update my blog. Almost forget how to do the posting. Recently busy with my work, full time work. Still got lots of things to pick up. Not sure how long to take me out of there. Less and less shooting now. However, I will be back soon. This round just a quick update and no photos here. Just want to tell everybody I'm still exist in this world. :p Promise to have more next time.