Sport - Volley Ball Game

This is my factory's inter-department volley ball games. Organizing committee invited me as the OP. Good job to organizing committee, making this fun event successful. Participants really enjoy and I can see they are releasing their tension very much. While they enjoy playing, I'm enjoying shooting with my "CJ7"

First time shooting volley ball games. A good chance for me to test out my "CJ7" focusing system. The AI Servo plus 19 point AF point make perfect match. When couple with 70-200mm with USM, "beh tahan"... tack fast focus lock and sharp focusing. Although my gear perform well, but I'm slow. Haha. At first, I got miss some of the shots. Not really anticipate their action. But toward the end of the session, I kind of "catch up" with them. Here are my shots of the day.

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