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Flickr Pro Account

I have been using Flickr free account to host my blog's photos for quite some times already. Finally, I got myself sign up for the Pro account. Why I chosen Flickr as my web album? I not really good in explaining and promoting the site but I feel comfortable and convenient to manage my photo album online. Unlimited photos and file size upload (I think max is 20Mb). Easy sharing and better security level. I guess this is the fundamental needs by everyone. If you wish to know more how Flickr can meet your requirement, feel free log on to the site. Before that, please take a quick tour to my Flickr web album.

Sharing - Growing grass in the glass

Something to share over here. Couple days ago, a friend of mine brought me his lens to my office and ask me what is that. I have shock after looking at it. Very nice texture on the glass. Just like tree branches, plants, grass, x'mas tree, whatever you can imagine. I quickly took out my compact camera and shots a few pic to share here.

His lens was attacked by fungus. Eventually he was my photography buddy long time ago during film era. He has stop shooting for quiet some time, same as me and just recently thinking to move himself to digital SLR. Who's know, he didn't take good care of his lens and left his lens in humid environment for >2 years. This is how the fungus coming. He got a very good lens, Canon 24-85mm USM and he has borrow me once for my Australia trip in year 2007. I make a few nice shots with this lens. After I saw the fungus, I feel sad. Hopefully the technician can rescue this lens. One key take away is do take good care of your investment. No matter what method you use, keep your gear in dry & cool place always.

Event - Factory Dinner

This is our neighbor factory's "final" dinner at Traders Hotel. Why said so? The factory has to shutdown the operation due to business needs. This is the farewell dinner to all employees and also a very meaningful event for them. I didn't disappointed them and it is my pleasure to capture the moment for them. To all the employees, this is not the end but is the new beginning. Big bosses flew all the way from US to witness the "final" event from this factory. Plentiful of entertainment for that night, from service provider and also performance by employees. Lion dance, "Weng Chun" demonstration, fashion shows, songs and dances. Last but not least, the funniest show was the beauty pageant "Ah Kua" style, dress up ladies costume and act as "Lady Gaga". Really memorable night for the employee, great till the end. May all employee good luck and best wishes in their new career. As said earlier, this is not the end but is the new beginning.

Wedding - Adrian & Poh Sim

Couple weeks ago, attended my wife's cousin wedding reception at G-Hotel. Brought along my "CJ7" and took some shots there. I'm not the OP for that night. Eventually she has hired photographer and video man to do the job. I just relax and enjoy the food. Occasionally I did some "sniper" shots, reason try not to disturb the OP doing their job there as they got paid for the job.

This is the day for Adrian & Poh Sim. Adrian is Singaporean, one of handsome pilot from SIA, not to say Poh Sim is a lovely stewardess from same airline, perfect match. Eventually, they had their wedding ceremony in Singapore a week before Penang reception. That night was specially for relatives & friends staying in Penang, together with simple tea ceremony before the dinner start. Due to I'm just a guest for the dinner, so not many photos taken by me. I leave it all to the OP.

Nature - Lightning

This is my 2nd time shooting lightning. This was happened 2 months ago and now only have change to post it. Again, while enjoying TV at home and thunder storm is approaching. The thunder was non stop and attracted my attention. Quickly take out my tripod and setup at my balcony. This is really dangerous and don't know when will it strike on you. From these 2 picture, can see that the lightning was strike on Komtar and Umno building, I guess should be same height as where I'm standing. So better do it fast and get back to my apartment. Having hard time to predict the strike, but lucky managed to capture it. One thing that I noticed from this shooting, our human eye sometime is not sensitive enough to see a lightning but camera did. The reason, there is a frame where I didn't see any lightning, somehow it shows during playback. I'm not sure it is same to everyone, but I did. :p