Event - Factory Dinner

This is our neighbor factory's "final" dinner at Traders Hotel. Why said so? The factory has to shutdown the operation due to business needs. This is the farewell dinner to all employees and also a very meaningful event for them. I didn't disappointed them and it is my pleasure to capture the moment for them. To all the employees, this is not the end but is the new beginning. Big bosses flew all the way from US to witness the "final" event from this factory. Plentiful of entertainment for that night, from service provider and also performance by employees. Lion dance, "Weng Chun" demonstration, fashion shows, songs and dances. Last but not least, the funniest show was the beauty pageant "Ah Kua" style, dress up ladies costume and act as "Lady Gaga". Really memorable night for the employee, great till the end. May all employee good luck and best wishes in their new career. As said earlier, this is not the end but is the new beginning.

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