Nature - Lightning

This is my 2nd time shooting lightning. This was happened 2 months ago and now only have change to post it. Again, while enjoying TV at home and thunder storm is approaching. The thunder was non stop and attracted my attention. Quickly take out my tripod and setup at my balcony. This is really dangerous and don't know when will it strike on you. From these 2 picture, can see that the lightning was strike on Komtar and Umno building, I guess should be same height as where I'm standing. So better do it fast and get back to my apartment. Having hard time to predict the strike, but lucky managed to capture it. One thing that I noticed from this shooting, our human eye sometime is not sensitive enough to see a lightning but camera did. The reason, there is a frame where I didn't see any lightning, somehow it shows during playback. I'm not sure it is same to everyone, but I did. :p

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