Sharing - Growing grass in the glass

Something to share over here. Couple days ago, a friend of mine brought me his lens to my office and ask me what is that. I have shock after looking at it. Very nice texture on the glass. Just like tree branches, plants, grass, x'mas tree, whatever you can imagine. I quickly took out my compact camera and shots a few pic to share here.

His lens was attacked by fungus. Eventually he was my photography buddy long time ago during film era. He has stop shooting for quiet some time, same as me and just recently thinking to move himself to digital SLR. Who's know, he didn't take good care of his lens and left his lens in humid environment for >2 years. This is how the fungus coming. He got a very good lens, Canon 24-85mm USM and he has borrow me once for my Australia trip in year 2007. I make a few nice shots with this lens. After I saw the fungus, I feel sad. Hopefully the technician can rescue this lens. One key take away is do take good care of your investment. No matter what method you use, keep your gear in dry & cool place always.

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  1. Gabriel says:

    wow...first time i saw fungus in a lens from so near distance. i wonder how the technicians going to clean and remove the fungus? is there any hope?

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