Wedding - Adrian & Poh Sim

Couple weeks ago, attended my wife's cousin wedding reception at G-Hotel. Brought along my "CJ7" and took some shots there. I'm not the OP for that night. Eventually she has hired photographer and video man to do the job. I just relax and enjoy the food. Occasionally I did some "sniper" shots, reason try not to disturb the OP doing their job there as they got paid for the job.

This is the day for Adrian & Poh Sim. Adrian is Singaporean, one of handsome pilot from SIA, not to say Poh Sim is a lovely stewardess from same airline, perfect match. Eventually, they had their wedding ceremony in Singapore a week before Penang reception. That night was specially for relatives & friends staying in Penang, together with simple tea ceremony before the dinner start. Due to I'm just a guest for the dinner, so not many photos taken by me. I leave it all to the OP.

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