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Wildlife - Taiping Zoo

Last school holiday, having one day tour to Taiping & Ipoh with family. Very rush schedule but fun. First stop should be the Taiping Zoo, spend the first half of the day over there...
Entrance fees somehow worth it with free tram ride that will bring you tour around the zoo. Plenty of wildlife there but most of them are inactive mode, hiding or sleeping all the time. After that we head to Ipoh for food hunt, having Ipoh's signature dishes like Hor Fun, Bean Sprout Chicken and lots more. I just couldn't imagine we took 3 meals in 4 hours time. Share some shots animal from Taiping Zoo.

Portrait - World Cup Fever

Having this portrait session 2 weeks ago. Thanks to Canon Preview for the model arrangement. The theme was World Cup Fever. Our two lovely talent, Michelle & JiaLin represented the team Holland and Brazil. I repeat, Holland and Brazil. The session was 2 weeks before the Quarter final match. The arrangement quite accurate, they are in Quarter final. Too bad Brazil lost the game. But of course both Michelle & Jia Lin are the winner.

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