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Good Morning... Penang III

I missed the update again. No posting in Nov. Never mind, it still not far away from now. Time fly, it has reaches the end of 2011. Looking back, things happened just like not long ago. Still can remember the event that happened early of the year. Must be because of taking too many photos that capturing the memory of each event happening. Memories are good, but not all. To be positive way, we should erase the bad and remain the good. Posting another series of Penang. Hope you enjoy. 


In a portraiture workshop

Portrait session organized by EOS Academy + Canon Club. It was led by Max Lim from EOS Boutique. Grace was the model of the day. We on location to KTM's abundance train garage. Good location for portrait shooting, the lighting, texture and the mood. Will be back if got chance. Share the shots of the day. Enjoy.


A day with Photojournalism Walk

Month ago, attended a photojournalism walk workshop in Penang, sponsored by Canon EOS Academy Malaysia. The instructor was Vincent Thian. He is currently the Photo Editor/Chief Photographer of the Associated Press bureau based in Kuala Lumpur. Very good to have him to be here to guide us through the learning process. From the session, we understood how photojournalism works, every second count to accomplish every single assignment. Paying attention and focus to objective is the key to success. The day started with a title or assignment as "Daily Life". We had a walked in Georgetown Heritage area for daily life shooting. Although it was rain in the morning, we still enjoy the shooting moment. The body that I used is weather seal, but not my lens that. I have to use a towel to protect my lens. At the end of the day, we have to present 3-5 photos with very minimum time for processing. Constructive critics and comment will be given and we learn from mistake. Share some of my works here.


Good Morning...Penang II

Just had another sunrise photography session with gang at Penang Bridge. Recently, it was predictable to be rain in every evening and we are pretty sure there will be no rain in the morning. Gather a few "kaki" and wake up in 6am. We arrived in good timing. However, we have met a few enthusiasts already there to set up their gear and started the shooting. We should probably be there earlier. Not to say we are "kaisu", but I don't like to rush and make mistake later. Can buy some time to think and plan our shots. At the end of the session, I got a few shots that I like very much. Although it was not a perfect shots, but we will be back to that place frequently to try our luck for better shots. Enjoy.


Event - Canon Photo Marathon 2010...Typo??

Yes, this is not a typo. This is my old story about Canon Photomarathon that held in Penang last year. Apologize for not posting on time and I still want to talk about it here. Hopefully, I still can recall something about the event. Canon is having another round of photomarathon this year in KL, on coming 15th Oct. For some reason, I didn't register for that. Maybe I got no "kaki". Back to the story, the event was held at Georgetown Heritage area, which provide lots of shooting opportunity for all, like building, daily life etc. Canon did an awesome job for organizing this event and this fun to join. Never seen so many photographer on the street at a time, very grand and eye catching. The theme given was quite challenging, "Eye of EOS", "Humanity" & "Delicious". I guess i couldn't get it right for the first place, however, it is a good experience gain from here. Eventually, I didn't submit any photos for competition at the end of the day. This is because the downloading station they provided screw up my memory card and all get corrupted. I was so disappointed for losing all my effort spent for the whole day. A friend of mine also same faith with me. But luckily, I'm using Sandisk memory card that with data recovery feature and I can salvage all my corrupted data on the next day. My friend wasn't has that luxury as he is using Transcend card. Lesson learnt from here. Try your best to invest in a good memory card, and we don't know when it can fail you. Please enjoy my shots (not really follow the theme) and thanks to the data recovery feature from Sandisk.

Portrait - Joanne & "Stitch"

Portrait shots featuring Joanne and "Stitch". Taken at City Bayview Hotel, Penang. She is lovely, hot and sexy. She also a student from Amber Chia Modelling Academy, who ambition to become super model one day. I think she has the talent. Keep up the good job. Not to forget the "Stitch", perfect match with her master. All shots inside of hotel's room with available light, enjoy the shoot very much. The room is small and we have to squeeze in to get right angle, this is the challenge.

Good Morning... Penang

Rain none stop for past few days. No chance to see the sunrise. Post a picture here and hoping to see the sunrise soon.
The shots taken few months back at Tun Lim Chong Eu Expressway. Recently love to shoot sunrise. Like the sunrise mood very much. Can feel the live when the sun emerging from the horizon. It's a good start for the day. Frequently visit to the place and trying my luck for good sunrise. Will keep on posting on my sunrise series.

Costa Rica Trip

This is my second post for the year. Always wanted to update my blog but I didn't. Just went on company business trip to Costa Rica. This is my second time visiting the country since 5 years ago. Things has changed a lot. One things that never change is I'm still work in this company (nonsense). I didn't bring my photography gear there due to long hours flight, it's took 42hours to reach there. Really tiring and exhausted journey.



Event - International Lion Dance on Stilts Championship 2011

Hello world. Long time no update. This is my 1st post in 2011 and will back with more post. Weeks ago, there was a International Lion Dance on Stilts Championship held in Penang. This renowned event is jointly organized by Penang State Government and Penang Wushu, Lion & Dragon Dance Association. A photography competition was held in conjunction with the International Lion Dance On Stilts Championship. I just tag along for fun shooting without joining the photography competion.
8 teams will be selected among 14 international teams including 9 overseas teams from Guangzhou, Hongkong, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Brunei, Indonesia, and 5 Malaysian teams from Penang, Muar, and Kuala Lumpur. I didn't stay until the end to know which team win the competition. I got to know the result from newspaper after few days. Seem like Muar team from Malaysia wins the competition.

Can see more from my flickr site.