Event - International Lion Dance on Stilts Championship 2011

Hello world. Long time no update. This is my 1st post in 2011 and will back with more post. Weeks ago, there was a International Lion Dance on Stilts Championship held in Penang. This renowned event is jointly organized by Penang State Government and Penang Wushu, Lion & Dragon Dance Association. A photography competition was held in conjunction with the International Lion Dance On Stilts Championship. I just tag along for fun shooting without joining the photography competion.

8 teams will be selected among 14 international teams including 9 overseas teams from Guangzhou, Hongkong, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Brunei, Indonesia, and 5 Malaysian teams from Penang, Muar, and Kuala Lumpur. I didn't stay until the end to know which team win the competition. I got to know the result from newspaper after few days. Seem like Muar team from Malaysia wins the competition.

Can see more from my flickr site.

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