A day with Photojournalism Walk

Month ago, attended a photojournalism walk workshop in Penang, sponsored by Canon EOS Academy Malaysia. The instructor was Vincent Thian. He is currently the Photo Editor/Chief Photographer of the Associated Press bureau based in Kuala Lumpur. Very good to have him to be here to guide us through the learning process. From the session, we understood how photojournalism works, every second count to accomplish every single assignment. Paying attention and focus to objective is the key to success. The day started with a title or assignment as "Daily Life". We had a walked in Georgetown Heritage area for daily life shooting. Although it was rain in the morning, we still enjoy the shooting moment. The body that I used is weather seal, but not my lens that. I have to use a towel to protect my lens. At the end of the day, we have to present 3-5 photos with very minimum time for processing. Constructive critics and comment will be given and we learn from mistake. Share some of my works here.


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