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Penang CNY Open House 2008

2008 槟城庙会 on 16th Feb. Not many photos taken due to arrive late. Too many people flocking the street especially after the sun setting down. I found out the best time to shoot is from time 4-8pm. Next year i will be back again for this event.

I'm down

I'm down. I'm down with fever, bad cough and running nose. I have been on medical leave for 2 days. Although tons of medicines were taken, the recovery rate is very slow. Don't know what's wrong to me. It has been long time I never sick so seriously. 一年不发市,发市当三年。So coincidence, company having lines down issue. My boss calls me up to go back to work. Are you crazy? I'm very sorry that I can't help. I cannot scarify my personal life/safety to resolve your quality issue. Now I’m weak and can’t even step down from my bed. How can you expect me to work for you? 神经病。

First Shots with Tamron 17-50mm

, These shots were taken right after getting my new Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 lens (29 Dec 2007). Wandering around Georgetown area and did some test shot on various location such as St. George's Church, City Hall and Jetty.

CNY Eve & Ye Lun 1st lunar birthday


Ye Lun 1st lunar birthday

Reunion Dinner 团圆饭