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Photo outing to Taiping 2

After the a short stay at Taiping Lake Garden, we were having our lunch at the famous ‘Majalah 3′ featured Mee Udang Banjir Mak Teh at Matang, before heading to Charcoal Factory at Kuala Sepetang.

I didn't take down the picture of mee udang, however, you may find it here, in the blog post of our organizer. RM10 can get 10 pcs of medium size fresh prawn. Although the taste is so so for me, but prawn is really fresh. Worth it. The Charcoal Factory tour was the most interesting part. Bringing us the full process of making charcoal, from log to final product. Get to know some interesting facts as well. The tour guide aka the owner, was friendly and explaining to us patiently. I'm really enjoy about the tour, until I almost forgot about the photo taking.

Photo outing to Taiping 1

Couple weeks ago, joined our so called "paper mill" photography club to a day outing at Taiping Lake Garden and Kuala Sepetang Charcoal Factory. Well done by the organizer and total of 20+ photo kaki from 2 different paper mill site having great fun there. In this post, I will share the shots from Taiping Lake Garden.

On that day, the weather was fine. We all gathered and started off from Juru Auto City and reaching Taiping Lake Garden after an hour later. Not many photos were taken on that day. The reason is we have rush for another itinerary, "mee udang" and Kuala Sepetang Charcoal Factory. But I think I shall go back to Taiping Lake Garden again to explore for it beautiful landscape.

Wedding - Kevin & Chia Li (Part 3)

Here come the part 3. After a tiring and exhausted morning, it is time to take a break and get charge up for the wedding reception at Berjaya Hotel Ballroom.

The church ceremony ended around 3pm in the afternoon. I have 3 hours for me to rest plus prepare the same day slideshow for the night. Did I say rest? Eventually I only have 15min for my shower and that's it. The rest of the time arranging the slideshow and up by 6pm and it is time for me to get out shooting again. The reception was grand, full house of guest plus fun entertainment.

Wedding - Kevin & Chia Li (Part 2)

Sorry for the delay. As promised, here is Kevin and Chia Li church ceremony. Took place at Cathedral of The Holy Spirit, Greenlane. Enjoy and stay tuned for next part.