Dusk at Sungai Batu, Teluk Kumbar

Really long time no post here. Have a quick share of my photo's that taken 6 months ago. This was my 2nd sunset photo shot so far. Although not really can see the sunset because of the hill in front. But the color of dusk was so nice. Still remember that day we went there too early and we waited there for around 1.5 hours before we can start shooting. We used to shoot sunrise and the sequence is the other way round. Meaning from dark to bright and bright to dark. We kind of not familiar with the timing. I've tried to compensate with my limited GND, but still not working. But patient a little, the sky turned out so nice and managed to get what I wanted. Should have better planning for next shoot. 

Hang Out With Canon - Penang

A special thanks Canon Marketing M'sia by organizing this special event. Per the title said, Hang Out With Canon, eventually 100 pax of photographer hang out at Beach Street, Penang. Furthermore, we have a chance to photograph 8 pretty & lovely talent. Just only RM10 per pax, we will get a free T-shirts and door gift. What a good marketing strategy. Share some of my shots here.

Hang out with Sherlyn

Hang out with Jasmine

Hang out with Fatin

View Of Balik Pulau

My second post for this month. Old story. On the last day of 2011, we wanted to capture something meaningful and an idea came to my mind. Why not do a sunset shooting and this sunset will be the last sunset for 2011. We, Chin Hooi & CF, went there without knowing where is sunset shooting spot. Arrived there quite early and we went scouting for shooting location. With the help of GPS, we managed to find greenly paddy field here. By further explore we came across Kuala Sg Burung, a peaceful fishing village with beautiful view of horizon. The process of waiting for the sun drop behind the horizon took really long for us. Nothing for us to do there except enjoy the view and chit chating. Although we are not getting perfect shots during that day, but we enjoyed the beautiful last sunset of 2011.

Last sunset of 2011

Peaceful Morning

Need to keep this blog alive. Sharing my recent sunrise outing photo. Nice peaceful morning with low tide shore. Hope you will like it. Will come back with more photos. 

Good Morning... Penang III

I missed the update again. No posting in Nov. Never mind, it still not far away from now. Time fly, it has reaches the end of 2011. Looking back, things happened just like not long ago. Still can remember the event that happened early of the year. Must be because of taking too many photos that capturing the memory of each event happening. Memories are good, but not all. To be positive way, we should erase the bad and remain the good. Posting another series of Penang. Hope you enjoy.